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South West Solutions – Melbourne AUSTRALIA

For over 19 years, the team at SWS have been providing professional production services for the Entertainment Industry, from lighting to sound, LED video, special effects, DJ backline, labor services and everything in between.

South West Solutions has been contracted for a wide variety of small to large scale events and productions. Part of the success at South West Solutions is due to the experienced and dedicated team; who excel in efficiency and strive for excellence for all its clients. South West Solutions’ company‚Äôs philosophy is to develop long-term, one-on-one relationships, allowing a personal consultation to assist your event and equipment needs, every time you call. With an incredible depth of knowledge and past experience, South West Solutions is a valued member to any production.

We have an outstanding service & first class HIRE rental department that offers an extremely experienced technical support team; this allows us to offer far more than the average retailer, with a “No Frills” customised approach to your specific needs. We offer world class quality, trend leading and up to date equipment available today in lighting, audio, special FX, video and an extensive DJ backline range from the anologue past to the digital present. We also provide audio/lighting design, production management and consulting services. At South West Solutions, we are proud to have the most dedicated staff available. If you don’t see an item on our list, please contact us! If we don’t already have it, we can get just about anything you desire!

Please contact us for an obligation free quote or consultation.