Cosmic Gate Returns to Festival Hall

A few years have passed since Cosmic Gate’s last big solo show in Australia for MAJIK Entertainment, and on this return we decided to step it up a notch…..With a massive 80′ ft wide mother truss structure, Festival Hall had never seen anything quite like this.

With full production & design supplied by SWS, it was time to lift the bar & show off some of our new toys – never seen in Aust before.

Hot off the production line and first units in AUSTRALIA…. AYRTON MAGIC BLADES helped us give the centre stage presence and awe to the DJ console. With their intense Curtain of light…. there was no missing them.

Then we had our recently completed DMX Laser Effects : Blue Beam, Green Burst and who could forget the Red Array. All dmx controlled…. and what brilliant effects!!

After some final fine tuning with late night pre:vis it all come to life.  From ARYTON Magic Panels, ARYTON Magic Blades, to CLAY PAKY B-Eye K20’s and Sharpies….. Even some MARTIN MAC VIPER thrown in to breakup the MDG haze. To shed some intense light on the room we used some SGM X5 strobes & NEXUS AW7X7’s…. Not to mention almost 300 tiles of P6mm LED Screen.

From 8x KVANT 3000’s RGB, 2x KVANT 25w RGBB, 4x 6w RGB, 12x Green Burst, 9x Blue Beam & some 10 Red Array’s…. there was plenty of Laser beams to be seen. To finish off the effects where some of our UE CO2 DMX Mini JETs, some LPG Flame Units, Pyro Bursts and even some Bubble Machines…..

Great to see such a project come together, and become such a WOW factor!

Thanks to the whole team for putting in such a mammoth effort!!


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