Acoustic Technologies MKB150A is a self powered sub bass reinforcement system engineered to provide superb performance from a compact, lightweight cabinet. The MKB150A compliments the MK Series Loudspeaker Systems as well as being a versatile system component.

The MKB150A utilizes a 10″ neodymium Isoplanar bass transducer which gives an exceptionally smooth, warm and extended low frequency response.

The newest model & improvement in the MKB range. The B200 WALLSUB is specifically designed where space is highly limited.

With a cabinet size of only :  1800mm High, 150mm deep, 250mm wide, this sub is designed to be mounted inside a cavity or mounted to a wall. With the additional volume, the note & volume produced from this sub enclosure is truly amazing.

The cabinet is constructed from premium grade Birch Ply finished in black AcoustiCoate with a powder coated perforated steel grille to protect the system components. Four mounting points suitable for use with the Acoustic Technologies’ swivel mounting hardware option are provided.

The MKB200 WALLSUB is the ideal sub bass system for all installations including Restaurants and Bars, Offices and Lobbies, Retail Environments, Education Classrooms and Houses of Worship, especially those where space is limited.


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