Viper BLACK – 7mm



WoW is all we can say about this!!!

This product is that latest in touring LED screen technology. A long term project with BigPictureAustralia & their team has seem the original VIPER7 transformed into the latest VIPER BLACK.

Built to suit it’s existing TAIT Touring Frames, the VIPER BLACK has some pretty impressive spec’s.

Touring modules travelling in dollies carrying upto 4x frames coming in sizes of : 0.5m X 1.0m, 1.0m X 1.0m, 1.0m X 2.0m, 1.5m X 1.0m, 1.5m X, 2.0m X 2.0m.

Black faced LED’s for the amazing contrast & high black levels, yet still has an amazing 5500Nits of brightness.

Magnetic attachments for easily serviceable & maintenance whilst assembled in a wall, in fact you can service & replace every component of this production whilst in a full wall.

This really is going to take LED screens to the next level….


Full Specifications are available on request.


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