Included in Hire:

  • Road Case
  • Stand Alone MDG Remote
  • CO2 Regulator
  • Fluid Reservoir Full (4Lt Neutral Fluid)

Optional items Available :

  • TOUR Road Case
  • DMX MDG Remote
  • AF1 & StandAlone Remote
  • Wireless Artnet / Sacn / DMX Receiver
  • CO2 Gas Bottles
  • Additional Spare Fluid

Additional information





There is no better than the MDG MAX 5000 APS. CO2 propelled (that’s right, beer gas!) – so no noisy compressor, OIL based haze… these units produce the finest, whitest & longest hang-time of any hazer on the market to-date. Being the finest particle size of any hazer – there is none of the typical oily residue were have come to get used to with hazers, the particles just don’t re:combine on any surface…..  Gotta be seen to be believed!

Whether it’s a small indoor gig, indoor stadium or even massive outdoor field – these MDG MAX 5000 APS units won’t let you down. They can definitely hold it with with the best of the foggers&smokers for output, with the added advantage of an amazing hang time.

Our units are available with a custom built in a “all-in-one” packaged roadcase :  AF1 fan in the bottom, combined power&data inputs/outputs cabling (optional wireless ARTNET/SACN/DMX), and enough room to house 2x 10kg CO2 bottles secured in the back. A total wheel in, lids off solution to haze for any gig / festival or tour!