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The Blackbird 5K Precision DSP Amplifier integrates four channels of highly efficient Class D Amplification complete with comprehensive DSP, light weight Switch Mode Power Supplies and a fully featured network addressed control system to provide an economical 2RU power amplifier with unparalleled flexibility and output power.

Each of the four Class D amplifiers develop in excess of 1250 Watts RMS of sonically transparent amplification and are capable of driving 2 Ohm or 70/100 Volt Line loads. Amplifier pairs can be bridged to provide 2500 Watts RMS. The amplifier provides comprehensive protection for Over Current and Over Temperature operating conditions. The amplifier’s performance data is logged for the last 92 hours of operation and can be viewed via the PODWARE control software.

The Blackbird 5K utilises two totally independent Switch Mode Power Supplies designed to meet the specific requirements of the amplifier modules, eliminating many of the potential sources of noise and distortion. The power supplies feature intelligent mains voltage detection allowing global operation without reconfiguration. The amplifiers and power supplies are cooled by variable speed fans.

Each pair of the Blackbird 5K channels contains a fully featured 96kHz 24 Bit digital loudspeaker management and amplifier control system. A full complement of DSP capabilities are provided including crossover functions, equalisation, time delay and limiting. All DSP control parameters and amplifier status monitors are instantly accessible using a personal computer and the PODWARE control software which communicates with the amplifier via USB or the BvNET Interface. Networking multiple amplifiers and other devices which communicate via BvNET allows an entire audio system to be operated, optimised and monitored in real time from a centralised control location. In addition to remote monitoring, the Blackbird 5K front panel features multiple colour coded LED indicators for signal, status and protection functions.

The Blackbird 5K is a 19″ 2RU chassis weighing only 9Kg, making it the ideal choice for all touring applications. The amplifier is eminently suited for use in permanently installed sound reinforcement systems due to the unsurpassed power, flexibility, control and system monitoring capabilities.