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There are many audio installations which are not suited to standard rack mount amplifiers. This is especially true for commercial and audio-visual installations where long speaker cable runs can result in a serious loss of performance and fidelity. In many distributed audio systems there may not be a suitable centralized location for the equipment racks and cabling.

The Acoustic Technologies’ MK Series Amp Pack is a self contained single channel audio power amplifier housed in a small enclosure designed specifically for wall or ceiling mounting in distributed audio systems.

The MK Series Amp Pack is a highly efficient Class ‘D’ Amplifier with an integrated Switch Mode Power Supply. The amplifier provides Soft Limit and Thermal Overload protection, balanced XLR input and link audio connectors, dual Speakon output connectors, IEC mains inlet and a mains power switch. The amplifier provides 175 Watts Program into 4 Ohm loads. There is no cooling fan insuring silent operation in noise sensitive installations