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The XONE:V6 is an audiophile 6 channel rotary club mixer that sets a new quality benchmark. It is an echo of the earliest days of pro audio when pioneering individuals hand crafted outstanding products free from the constraints of cost and time. Revisiting the basics of audio circuit design restoring the simple purity of a minimum signal path meticulously constructed from the finest discrete components. The result is a console that gives great recordings the space and freedom to express their true warmth and clarity, with classic 1950’s designed VU meters being super rugged & highly accurate. This guy also comes with stereo VALVE pre-amps on channel 5&6, and rustic rotary pot’s with a vintage touch of switches & knobs.

A truly beautiful sounding mixer second to none for build or sound quality.


  • Mic inout with insert & routing to booth
  • Outputs: Booth [XLR]; Rec [RCA]; Phones [TRS]
  • Master [XLR + [TRS]; and insert [TRS]
  • Channel insert points [RCA]
  • External Intelligent PSU, checks and Monitors main AC voltage, 60V 2 A output, 110V to 266V range
  • ONLY the highest quality discrete compnents in the audio path
  • 6 Dual Stereo Inputs
  • Independent cue system
  • Rotary Penny & Giles (P&G) Conductive Controls for each channel