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The Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2 is a USB audio interface designed from the ground up. Offering high performance and reliability; the Komplete Audio 6 delivers a greater resolution, more comprehensive I/O, and sleek new tabletop design. Making the second-generation Komplete Audio 6 the perfect frontend for your stage or studio setup.

Boasting 6-ins/6-outs, the Komplete Audio 6 audio interface packs the connectivity, functionality, and tools you need. Giving you stunning live, and recording-environment results, all in a compact size. So you can ensure the Komplete Audio 6 won’t hog space on your desk or your mobile rig. With four analog ins and outs, plus two channels of digital SPDIF and MIDI capability; the Komplete Audio 6 will interface with all your instruments and sequencers. While dual headphone outs will serve both you and your bandmates!

Additionally, if you’re a music producer; the Komplete Audio 6 comes complete with Native Instruments world-class effects. As well as a copy of the Ableton Live 10 Lite DAW. So you have everything you need to start producing music, straight out of the box.