RANE MP2015 Rotary

Included in Hire:

  • Road Ready Case
  • IEC Power Lead
  • USB Cable

Additional information


525 x 385 x 225 mm

Weight (inc case)

13 kg


Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish Rane’s new techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems. Born from a legacy of rotary club mixers beginning in 1971 with Rudy Bozak’s CMA-10-2DL, on to 1982 and UREI’s 1620, then in 1999 Rane’s MP2016/XP2016 combo, and now in 2015, the MP2015 represents the next revival and evolution. This mixer has an analog soul with a digital heart. With over 40 years of rotary mixer experience to draw on, along with collaboration and input from the world’s best techno house DJs, the MP2015 is the best mixer produced by Rane. There are no compromises in the design. It has the best sound, the best features, the best feel, and the best reliability and durability.


  • Four analog deck inputs, each is Phono-CD-S/PDIF switchable
  • S/PDIF inputs are provided for equipped CDJs
  • Proprietary three-band filter with steep 24/dB octave design
  • Dual USB connection for easier changeovers
  • Compatible with SERATO & TRAKTOR software