Included in Hire:

  • PowerCon Power Lead
  • Saftey Wire
  • 1/2 Coupler Clamp

Optional items Available :

  • 8 way Road Case on wheels

Additional information


324 X 224 X 165.5 mm


5.5 kg

Power Consumption

200 Watts

Flight Case w/ 8 units & acc

1100 X 600 X 550 mm / 105 kg

GLP X4 S Hire – Melbourne – South West Solutions

The impression GLP X4 S features 7 RGBW high power LEDs (each 15 watts) and a 7 ° – 50 ° zoom optic. The optics, originally from the impression X4 has the same characteristics as a well-defined hard beam in the lower zoom range and in the middle and upper range zoom absolutely homogeneous and soft. All this without disturbing scattered light.

The impression X4 features 19 high power RGBW LEDs, each rated at 15W with a 7 ° – 50 ° zoom range. The housing design is based on the legendary, and award winning, impression 90 and 120RZ fixtures including their baseless design and small footprint.

The brand new optical system gives a well defined beam, complete with hard edge in the lower zoom range whilst remaining absolutely homogenous and soft edged at wider angles.

RGBW color mixing, variable CTO and a finely tuned dimming curve are standard in the impression X4.

The impression X4 features individually controllable LEDs allowing a range of different patterns to be created and displayed on the front lenses, including arrows, numbers, letters and much more, either from stock patterns or through user created patterns.

Emphasis was placed on the GLP X4 S for a compact body and a quick pan / tilt movement.

GLP is a leading manufacturer of entertainment lighting technology with a focus on quality and affordability. Our technology is driven by a constant dialogue with our customers to ensure a level of product innovation that exceeds expectations.