* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

Acoustic Technologies MK100A represent a new generation of compact installation loudspeaker systems. The AT PROFESSIONAL MK100A is the self-powered variant and are perfectly suited to a wide range of installation applications including corporate AV environments, restaurants, cafes and hospitality venues, retail spaces, sound masking & education environments.

With its on-board 150 Watt ultra-reliable Class D power amplifier, the AT PROFESSIONAL MK100A offers exceptional audio performance with a smooth, flat response extending from 90Hz to 19kHz. An Integrated power module, balanced XLR input with link output and simple yet flexible mounting bracket make the Acoustic Technologies MK100A a convenient solution to a wide variety of applications.

The MK100A’s ultra-wide dispersion characteristics are what really set it apart from its competitors. With a nominal dispersion angle of 120°, the loudspeaker redefines the meaning of “Wide Dispersion”. Even at 7kHz, the AT PRO MK100A still offers a remarkable 120° (horizontal and vertical) dispersion – resulting in an unprecedented level of superior coverage. And for the perfect pairing, the AT PROFESSIONAL MKB150 or even it’s cousin the AT PROFESSIONAL Wall Sub with it’s 10″ isoplanar driver definitely won’t disappoint. Earth shattering bottom end notes, from such a small footprint.

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