Lighting Desk hire

The full complement of control systems for shows great or small.

SWS hire the royal suite of lighting console and lighting control solutions, allowing you to control multiple stage lighting fixtures for performances, live shows, and other events. Lighting controllers are an essential component in many live events and concert performances, allowing flexible control for different lighting parameters.

New to our inventory is the  zactrack SMART setup. Now available for hire.

At South West Solutions  we will have the perfect lighting console to suit your light show. Wether you are needing to adjust brightness, colour, position and other parameters on your lighting fixtures, we will have the perfect lighting console for you. Contact us today by email with your show requirements and we can send through a quote.


Lighting Desk Hire Melbourne

South West Solutions hire the royal suite of show control systems for indoor venues, concerts and disco events. Our lighting consoles are kept in highly maintained condition, serviced and updated regularly. At SWS we prep our hire equipment with all relevant accessory components, dust covers, LED desklights and power leads required for your gig. Chat to us today via email if you have any additional special requests. All our consoles are packed in road ready cases that are suitable for touring. To see our full range of lighting desks available, check out lighting control page. Please contact us today via email with your event requirements and we can help arrange a quote.

ChamSys MagicQ Amy Shark Flash Bang Productions

ChamSys Australia

Popular on the circuit is our range from ChamSys (Chameleon Systems- pronounced “cam” “sis”.) With a range of models, we stock a selection of the MAGICQ consoles and wing options in Melbourne and up the east coast of Australia. Most recently we are pleased to add the ChamSys MagicQ500 Stadium to our inventory list. It features dual full HD resolution multi-touch displays, RGB illuminated motorised faders and assignable encoders. Additionally the ChamSys MQ500M has 8 encoder wheels providing a simple attribute to palette selection. The displays provide all the information you need right in front of you without having to continually scroll around to find what you need. So handy!

Furthermore, the MagicQ Stadium consoles output all their 256 universes directly from the console without the need for any further parameter expansion. ChamSys streamlines their consoles and software systems allowing Lighting Designers to be able to move between different levels of MagicQ consoles and different MagicQ software versions without having complicated import and export procedures. With MagicQ it is simple – and we are very pleased to have their equipment in our inventory. Contact us if you would like us to provide more information on hiring their product. 

GrandMA3 Golden Features by Lights on Acid

GrandMA Lighting Desks

Another favourite on the touring route, is the infamous GrandMA lighting console range. SWS hire a selection of GrandMA consoles like the popular GrandMA 2 Full Size for large concert performances, right down to the grandMA2 onPC which is designed as the perfect tour-able solution. Ideal for smaller shows, the grandMA2 onPC is also popular for streaming studios as well as a powerful pre-programming and backup tool on the road! Our grandMA2 onPC is packed in a road ready flight case, with inbuilt touch screen and keyboard ready to create your magic.

However, we are most pleased to add to the”GrandMA3 light” to our inventory. The GrandMA 3 light is the most versatile lighting console available, providing the perfect combination of power vs physical size. The desk features 60 physical playbacks, 16 assignable x-keys and a dedicated master playback section with plenty of playback options. The grandMA3 software has an elegant system-architecture incorporating new fixture, feature and effects-handling. The GrandMA3 Light makes practical tasks more intuitive with a refined user interface that has been designed by top industry visionaries. Contact us today to discus your hire options, we offer discounts for long term hire.




ChamSys Australia

How does DMX lighting work?

DMX controllers are a specific kind of control surface that uses the data protocol DMX to interact with light fixtures. The signal is sent through all the system fixtures in a daisy chain pattern. With DMX devices and a DMX console, the user can control smart lights, led floods, fog machines, and moving lights with a single cable linking each device, rather than cables running directly to each device. Like other controllers, there are a variety of DMX consoles to consider, such as smaller DMX foot controllers to more complex digital surfaces. While most lighting controllers use DMX, others use alternative and more advanced protocols.

DMX is a protocol used to control devices such as a stage light or fog machine. The signal travels in one direction from the controller or first light all the way to the last in a multi-drop bus topology. A DMX Fixture is essentially a light or group of lights assigned to a specific starting address, and has a DMX Footprint for how many features or settings you can control. DMX controllers are the brain of a lighting rig and transmit the DMX packets of data which change the state of the parameters within the light or device. DMX packets are grouped together and can consist of upto 512 individual channels which are known as a Universe. Each of the 512 channels in the universe is individually assignable and has variable control channel values of between 0 & 255. Some of the more advanced control surfaces can control more than one universe. To control multiple fixtures independently, they must be addressed to a different starting address that is not in the group of channels for another fixtures footprint. Each channel or channels are assigned to control different features of the light, such as colour, rotation, or strobe.