We stock genuine, reliable stage lighting equipment for concert productions.

Since 2008, we have established ourselves as a market leader in the provision of bespoke stage lighting equipment hire in Melbourne. With an ever-growing impressive inventory list, we invest in products that are in demand and achieve many “on trend” looks. Our range of lighting equipment is serviced and maintained regularly at high standards. Our gear is also tested and tagged to comply with Australian Electrical Safety industry regulations (AS/NZS 3760). As well as our stage lighting hire, we also have a large range of lighting consoles, click here for more information.

When you hire LED stage lighting from SWS in Melbourne, you can rest assured that the gear will be packed ready to go in tour cases. In the pack, we include all necessary cables, rigging clamps and safety wires, so it is ready to hang straight onto your lighting rig. If time is of the essence, it is also common for lighting designers to send through their patch lists so we can also pre-addressed fixtures during the prep. Our LED lighting packages are tailored to any price range and delivered anywhere in Australia. Contact us to arrange a freight quote. 








Stage Lighting Design

South West Solutions provide bespoke lighting solutions for concerts, festivals, corporate events and TV broadcasts. SWS are passionate about providing innovative and seamless solutions to create world class state of the art event experiences for their clients. SWS offers a personal service and understanding, working closely with creative directors to achieve their desired outcomes.

By partnering with SWS as your lighting supplier, you can be assured that we have all aspects of your needs covered from lighting equipment, crew, operators, rigging, through to transport and logistical services. Email us today to discuss your event and performance lighting requirements.

Black Eyed Peas MCG AFL Grand Final

Rock Concert Glow

Vibrant and dynamic, we love a good rock and roll concert that glistens. Even during the middle of the day, our LED Nitec Blinder II, LED VDO Atomic Dot’s, and Sunstrips can pack a punch in a stadium. The blinder and dot fixtures, are very easy to install and can be assembled and connected together like building blocks, – in many configurations. A simple and classy way to add a touch of pizzaz to your next performance without the need for heavy programming or operator control. Our golden glow products are available for hire across Australia.

The Veronicas @ The Voice RTI NEO SIX LASERS

TV Lighting Hire

SWS provide a range of specialty lights and lasers that feature on TV broadcast. This year, SWS has also branched into a new division of lighting equipment, due to the rise in popularity of online production. We have invested in a series of PROLIGHTS Eclipse fixtures that offer a full range of white reproduction from daylight through to Tungsten tones as well as frost filter and colour filter options. The fixtures can be controlled on a per section basis, to allow for the reproduction of onboard customisable effects; or run through lighting desks. The ECL LED lights are lightweight and easy to rig, making them the perfect lighting tool for every location. 

Lady DJ with Technics turntable hire Melbourne

Scenic Wash Lighting

A great way to set the mood in the evening at an event is by using an LED wash light. Our outdoor lighting hire fixtures are perfect for lighting up large scale buildings, trees and landscapes. Most commonly used for wedding lighting hire and event lighting hire, our LED Fusion Wash lights can set the perfect scene with any colour of your choosing. The fixtures are outdoor rated IP65 RGBW, with snap-on beam shaping filters for a precise control of light output. We also have options to project gobo / logo images onto walls, perfect for sponsor branding and theming. 

The Rubens Forum Theatre Melbourne

Stage beam lights

In concert lighting design, you will most likely require some kind of beam light to create movement or to create stage spotlights. Our profile fixtures have fast reaction times and brilliant colours. The fixtures have beams of light that are visible without any atmosphere or haze in the room. This is a big help for venues that do not allow haze. Although when haze is in use, the beams of light are enhanced allowing the lighting designer to literally paint the air with colour. For an even more creative design, you may be interested in our hybrid GLP GT1 – 3 in 1’s. These fixtures work as a spot, wash and beam fixture with gobos, colour wheels and a dimmer! One light to create many different beam angle variations, perfect for changing it up for each scene in your theatre lighting.

MTV Magic Dot Twinkle Lights

Mood lighting effects

Mood lighting is one of the most important things when setting up a concert experience. Lighting design helps to create the environment while supporting the style of the piece. SWS stock a wide range of specialised event lighting and production looks so you can be as creative as possible to achieve just the right look. From the twinkle lights of the Martin VDO Atomic Dots, to the glowing UV light hire, classic disco lighting and stunning wash colours, SWS has you covered. More than just your average party lights hire store! Email us to chat about your LED lighting hire Melbourne.

Peking Duk Strobe Lights

Strobe Light Hire

There is nothing more powerful than the strobe light to add the intensity at the right moment! LED strobes are commonly used in clubs and parties, giving the illusion of slow motion. Strobes can take your DJ performance or party to the next level. As with other LED fixtures, the output intensity can be adjusted to the required level. These days our strobes are not just used for DJ lights. Our range of strobes are now an integral part of the show design with brilliant colours and also video content! Although a powerful effect for your performance, strobes could potentially trigger an epileptic seizure and should be used responsibly. 

Vance Joy Concert JTE Patt 2013

Golden Glow Effects

SWS has a range of golden glow fixtures to add that sense of Broadway. Famously used for concert tours of Vance Joy and Amy Shark, our CHAUVET Nexus Aw 7×7’s, project narrow beams of warm white light as a wash, blinder or pixel mapped effect. The fixtures can interlock together to create walls with many possibilities. In addition, SWS also stock the JTE PATT 2013’s that take inspiration from the vintage broadcast lighting. The JTE PATT 2013’s have a soft tungsten light that is housed in a beautifully sleek aluminium body. These specialty look fixtures are popular for acoustic performances as well as fashion shows. To add to the mix, SWS also stock Sunstrip Active’s to add to your design providing another reason to glow.

Paradigm Festival Melbourne Arena

Laser Lighting Rental

SWS bring the laser disco light hire to the next level! We stock creative laser light products that are suitable for venues of all shapes and sizes – even arenas! Lasers look fantastic when paired with haze machines, especially for outdoor dance parties. Our lasers have a full RGB spectrum of colour and create brilliant lighting effects! SWS have qualified technicians to operate professional laser light displays. Our specialised laser operators can control the lasers on the fly and add to your already brilliant lighting display. Our category of laser equipment can achieve the most sort after looks. Please contact us to help assist with your hire. 

Peking Duk Concert Melbourne

The Gobo Effect

SWS stock a range of fixtures that you can add gobos to! A gobo is a stencil or template placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape of the emitted light. SWS Melbourne create gobos that include logos to project branding on walls for event lighting. Gobos allow you to break away from the standard look that the fixture usually achieves. At SWS we have also created custom gobos that have specifically been designed to achieve more interesting shapes on stage as well as specialised rays of light. Contact us to chat about the gobo options to achieve your desired result.


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