Smoke Machine & Haze Machines

Serious outdoor haze and fog for large scale events.

When it comes to intense smoke machine and fog machine products for your show, you can’t go past SWS’s MDG range. The MDG MAX 5000 APS’s are suitable for outdoor main stage use or large scale arenas. All our haze machines are packed on wheels in a road-ready cases with inbuilt Martin AF -1 fan, C02 gas storage and spare fog machine fluid ready to go!

We can also arrange wireless dmx remote control over wifi so you place your portable fog machine units within the crowd – usually underneath the delay towers or at front of house. With no messing around, SWS have the best machine units that can literally change the climate at your event when it comes to the important lighting show moments.

Smoke Machine & Haze Machine Hire Melbourne 

If you need some assistance when ordering your smoke machine hire online, please let us know whether your event space is indoors or outdoors, the approx size of your venue and how long you may like to use the smoke machines for. With this information we can let you know approx how many units you will need for the space, as well as how much fog machine liquid and C02 you will likely consume. SWS stock all consumables and will include as required to your orders. All units can be controlled by DMX or manually with a remote control. Depending on the effect you are after, the volume of fog or smoke can be controlled by setting interval times at which the fog or smoke will be distributed.

Please make sure that you use the correct approved fluid for the respective machine. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact our shop and we can make sure that we have the fluid that you need. The fluid is made for human consumption with food-grade Glycol. Although it is inedible, inhaling a small portion is safe. We only hire smoke machines with health and safety approvals which can be provided with our SWMS when making a smoke machine hire.

How long does smoke machine fluid last?

Generally consumption is based on usage. For smoke machines it solely comes down to time of usage as it has no adjustment for density. Haze machines on the other hand, can be super fine and low density or heavy & thick haze when left running on full.  The MDG series of foggers & hazers use a combination of both oil based neutral fluid and food grade CO2 Gas to create the industry leading finest haze with the longest hang time.

As a consumption guide, MDG Atmosphere HO APS will consume 110ml of oil based fluid per hour at max 30PSI of CO2 gas pressure (which is 0.36kg per hour of gas). This unit holds 6.5L of fluid onboard. This unit is 100% duty cycle, so will run at 100% output for 100% of the time. At 20psi, this unit is rated to last 60hours of run time of continuous haze.

The MAX 5000 APS will consume 2.6L of oil based fluid per hour at max 40PSI of CO2 gas pressure (which is 2.25kg per hour of gas). This unit holds 2.5L of fluid onboard. As it is a fogger unit, this unit can output upto 218 m3 per min. This is comparable to some of the largest smoke machines on the market – but it is of haze quality and hang time.

JEM ZR44 smoke machines are solely a fog machine. On max output these units use 120ml per minute, 9.5L reservoir. These units have an output upto 1200m3 per minute on a 100% duty cycle. On average they should get you 2 1/2 hours of smoke on maximum output.

JEM ZR45 smoke machines are the updated version of the ZR44. Larger heater, larger output of 1300m3 per minute consuming 210ml of fluid. These units have 5Lt bottle of fluid on board. So on full output this would give you approximately 1.18hours of use.

Our GIG Haze range, is our simple and water based hazer option. These units only use fluid as a consumable, much like a smoke machine, but with much lower output when required. They use approximately 1L in 1 1/2hr, and come with a 5L fluid bottle on board.

However you can make these times and consumption last a lot longer by turning down the thickness/density with the remote or dmx to control the output.

We will stock you up on fog machine fluid accordingly to each machine, keep in mind that manufacturers have fluids designed for specific temperature that their machines run at. This ensures you get optimal output and density from your fluid, and also not damaging the internals due to contaminants or incorrect mixture levels at the temperatures inside the machine creating the vapour. You only get charged for the additional fluid products you use. Please return the left over stock to our store after your hire.

Defqon1 smoke machine

Atmosphere for events and concerts

Haze, smoke, fog or machines are used to maximize lighting effects so you can see the beams of light moving around. This lighting is hugely enriched when the beams hit the smoke or haze particles, making the colours more pronounced and visible. To achieve a brilliant output effect for your light show it is vitally important to have small fog or smoke particles in the air so your light has something to reflect off.

MDG 5K smoke machine in Road-Ready touring case

What is the difference between a fog machine and a smoke machine?

Smoke machines, use special water based fluid generally consisting of majority water, glycol & ethanol is added as specific amounts to creat the desired effect at the precise temperature of the machine to be used in. This is used to produce thick & dense white cloud with a smoke like appearance. Don’t worry, it’s not real smoke but actually a vaporised steam – so yes it’s still very hot in temperature. Noticeably thicker and heavier than haze but with a shorter hang time, smoke machines are great for when you want the whole room to be smoky but then dissipates rather quickly. These are very common for high impact short term effects for small venues and brand activations. Our mini smoke machine JEM ZR series are powerful and will have your room filled with smoke in moments. Also cool for spooky effects or Halloween smoke machine decor! Email us to discuss the range.

Haze machines or ‘hazers,’ can be oil-based or water-based and create a finer partical and subtle even haze with a long ‘hang’ time. Haze machines create a misty atmosphere and produce a much finer and less noticeable effect than a smoke machine. They are designed to emphasise the effects of light and laser shows allowing you to see beams and rays that you would not normally see due to reflections & refractions on the ultra fine particles. Ideally suited to controlled atmospheric environments, although using much larger units can be perfect for or outdoor raves and concerts when using lasers as the particles linger in the air for a long time before disappearing.

Smoke Machine Hire


Please note that some venues have requirements on types of fluids allowed to be used during shows. The older machines that are oil based called “crackers” are generally noisey, and crack the oil with air compressor. This creates oily heavy particles around the 5-10micron mark. Generally with use, the oil will gather and caused build up on venue surfaces, fixtures and lenses. With this in mind, we have chosen to soley use MDG units for our Flagship units. Although they use oil fluid, their output particle size is only 0.2-0.5micron. It’s the finest on the market and this also allows the longest hang time. Due to the particle size, this haze output will never leave any residue or gather as a liquid. It is highly sought after for TV studio broadcast and theatre alike for it’s pure white output, ultra fine particle size, longest hang time and zero residue build up.