Included in Hire:

  • True-One Power Lead
  • Saftey Wire
  • 2x Omega Bracket with Slim Trigger Clamps

Optional items Available :

  • 2 way AMPTOWN Road Case on wheels
  • Custom AIR FX gobo set – for spectacular mid air projections, complementing the entire AYRTON RANGE

494 X 737 X 280 mm


38 kg / unit

Tour - Flight Case w/ 2 units

1200 X 800 X 825 mm / 116 kg Total

Power Consumption

1150 W

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

AYRTON has developed Bora S, its new feature-packed 750 W wash luminaire, using a radical new approach.

Its specific function is to establish the perfect atmosphere for your creative design. BORA S is fitted with a frontal 178 mm spherical lens, the proprietary optical system using 13 high-quality lenses was developed specifically for “wash” applications. It features an 8:1 zoom ratio for a wide zoom range from 8° to 64°. The optics produces an extremely uniform flat beam with no hot spot, ensuring a perfectly homogeneous colour mix regardless of the colour combination selected. BORA S is the scenic, stage & touring version, with higher lumen output and high colour temperature meeting the specific requirements of touring lighting professionals,  compared the AYRTON BORA TC it’s theatre cousin with lower Colour Temperature but higher CRI & TC reading devised specifically for applications that require perfect colour reproduction, like theatre shows.

AYRTON BORA-S is is equipped with a new LED module calibrated at 8000 K, delivering powerful metallic white light with record-breaking output of 40,000 lumens.

At SWS, we have also created a range of AIR FX gobo’s for more of the big air beam looks. Breakups & movements on the big stage shows can be very dramatic have huge impacts. With this in mind, we created our modified gobo set to also keep with the AYRTON family of gobo’s – but adjusted to suit the unique BORA S projection system.

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