Pangolin Beyond – Advanced

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

BEYOND Advanced by Pangolin is a professional laser design software made for lighting and laser professionals alike. Used to create the world’s highest quality laser shows and effects, It has become an industry standard for very good reasons.
BEYOND Advanced supports all available lighting protocols including cabled DMX, ArtNET, MIDI, SMPTE timecode, OSC, and CITP. All these control protocols are making it easier than ever before to integrate lasers into any multimedia or live entertainment show or scenic design, with the ability to replicate and play back at the press of a button identical shows over and over again.
BEYOND provides you with a complete suite of tools to create any sort of laser display you can imagine, and then also gives you the functionality to control your content however you desire. From a lighting consoles, PC, over playback timecode, from a local MIDI device like our AKAI APC40MK II, or in combination with many other multimedia elements. BEYOND ADVANCED really does bring the creativity to your fingers tips.
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