Pangolin – AKAI APC40 MK II Skin

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

When you need that hands on control for faster access to the powerful features of Pangolin Beyond or quick show, this is your best industry standard option.

Our AKAI APC40 MK II comes fitted with the PANGOLIN Beyond Custom skin for the APC40 MKII. It is made using the highest quality 3M adhesive, to ensure that it protects the APC40 MK II surface and doesn’t tarnish the device surface upon its removal.

As a visual you now have all the most commonly used features placed out and mapped in front of you, the most powerful software features all at your finger tips. Conveniently loaded mapping file from within the Pangolin Beyond software, it does it all for you with a click of a button. So that you can see what each button, slider and knob on the AKAI ACP40 MKII does on the fly when you are bashing out those stunning cues in the thick of your show.

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