Included in Hire:

  • True-One Power Lead
  • Saftey Wire
  • 2x Omega Brackets with Slim Trigger Clamps

Optional items Available :

  • 6 way AMPTOWN Tour – Road Case on wheels

365 x 591 x 212 mm


19 kg / unit

Power Consumption

450 W

Tour - Flight Case w / 6 units

1200 X 590 X 795 mm / 160 kg Total

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

AYRTON MISTRAL S has once again pushed the limits – a versatile, new fully equipped 300W spot luminaire in an ultra-compact body. Its new 13-lens proprietary optical system delivers a 8:1 zoom ratio with a zoom range of 6.7° to 53°. The optics, equipped with a 119mm frontal lens, can achieve an extremely uniform flat beam that can render images perfectly in all conditions and at any beam angle. AYRTON MISTRAL-S is designed for scenic applications. It is equipped with a new LED module, delivering powerful metallic white light with record-breaking output of 17,500 lumens and a colour temperature of 6,500K. Out shining many fixtures in it’s league, and at only 19kg a mere half the weight of it’s competitors and minimal power consumption you can see why this is fast becoming the most popular light in our hire department.

Feature-rich is the AYRTON MISTRAL S, it includes a CMY colour mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a seven-position complementary colour wheel for producing an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colours. The effects section includes 16 interchangeable HD glass gobos on two wheels: one rotating wheel with seven positions and one fixed wheel with nine positions. Its continuous dynamic effects wheel can be used in combination with the two gobo wheels to create unique graphical effects. MISTRAL S also features a 15-blade iris diaphragm, a five-facet rotating prism, and a soft-edge frost filter as standard equipment. AYRTON MISTRAL S has a highly efficient phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe that includes a particularly effective Silent ventilation mode, designed for studio and theatre applications.

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