Zactrack Smart

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

What is zactrack SMART?

zactrack SMART is the world’s first plug and play automated follow system. zactrack SMART uses self-measuring “mesh network technology” to accurately calculate the dimensions of the stage. With the ability to perfectly track stage lighting, sound or video effects, this really is the next generation of stage lighting automation. There have been a couple of remote performance trackers in the past, however they proved troublesome and sometimes quite stressful to tour in-and-out of venues. Zactrack SMART’s new technology is compact to travel, easy to set up, more accurate and reliable, saving you time and manpower.

How does zactrack SMART work?

zactrack uses the most advanced Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) real time radio tracking technology. Acting from 6.2 to 6.7 GHz frequency spectrum with minimum power levels. The tracking system can locate the target down to +/- 5cm in 3D space. It also has on-board prediction mathematics that are used to deal with high speed cases. No matter how crazy your artist is on stage, they can not out run it and will always be in the spotlight. The system integrates with any stage network such as PosiStageNet (PSN), Art-Net/sACN, as well as any lighting protocol (analogue or digital) and can control any type of fixture such as spot, wash and hybrid. zacktrack SMART also conveniently integrates with any lighting desk of your choice.

zactrack SMART trackers

Radio trackers can be hidden in materials such as cloth, cardboard, wood, scaffolding and even leather boots! Get creative and securely hide in costumes, or clip it on a lanyard around your neck or simply put it in your pocket. It may be beneficial to have 2 trackers on your lead artists, eg. one in a front pocket and one in the back pocket.

Amyl and the Sniffers, using Zactrack trackers at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne

zactrack SMART Hire Melbourne Australia

South West Solutions is very proud to be the first company in Australia to offer this product for hire. We have been following the development of the zactrack SMART over the past couple of years, being involved in feedback alike, and have been super stoked with the final product that has hit the market. We have now completed a few Australian tours with zactrack SMART (such as ‘Tones and I’ and ‘Icehouse’), where we have thoroughly been able to perfect the art of setting up the system and troubleshooting a range of Australian venues of different shapes and sizes. We are very confident in our delivery of the zactrack setup and you can be sure to count on South West Solutions when it comes to your next hire here in Australia.

If you have not used zactrack before, we highly recommend booking a tech to assist you with this product and manage the overall operation. Our techs have a wealth of knowledge for large scale touring shows and can ensure a perfect experience. Contact “SWS” South West Solutions to hire the zactrack SMART system here in Australia.

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