GRANDMA 3 Full Size

Included in Hire:

  • Road Case on wheels
  • Desk Cover
  • Tru-Con Power Lead
  • 2x LED Desk Lights

Included in Hire:

  • IEC Power Lead
  • Desk Cover

Optional items Available :



Weight (inc case)


* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

grandMA3 full-size Hire, Melbourne Australia

The grandMA3 full-size console is the flagship of the range. The console offers the hands on flexibility that a no-compromise solution can offer for professionals who appreciate the hardware.

With 120 physical playbacks, 16 assignable x-keys, and the ability to view a number of screens at the same time, the grandMA3 full-size console is one of MA Lighting’s most flexible models.

The grandMA3 full-size console is a a powerful music and lighting technology that fosters the most prestigious entertainment lighting applications. The size of the system can also be scaled to meet your needs, with the possible configuration being up to 250 000 parameters.

With a large multi-touch screen computer, you can have access to different programming tools. You are able to modify your environment so that the content you need on the three little screens changes depending on what task you are currently working on.

The grandMA3 full size is a fully compatible version of the previous models and it can connect to your old software. It’s ergonomic, meaning that it is efficient to use, and can be considered silent by default.

The new user interface of grandMA3 offers smoother, faster navigation. With the dual encoders users can now control additional features to maximize efficiency.

Like the earlier models, the new grandMA3 console has been redesigned with faders that feature a color changing light pipe. The new rotary encoders allow for direct access to button pushes and intensity changes. Because of user feedback, the operating system is quite different from its predecessor without excluding existing users.

The GrandMA3 Full size is available for Hire at South West Solutions Melbourne. Contact Us fr a quote.

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