Included in Hire:

  • Isonoe Isolation Feet x 4 ( set )

Optional Accessories Include:

  • ISONOE Sorbothane Boots
  • ISONOE Glass Disc

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

Isonoe Audio Isolation Systems are an anti-vibration product that prevents feedback in turntables, improves the sound of CD players and is an industry standard in many of the worlds most respected nightclubs. They help isolate the active players from background harmonics and vibrations that come from the normal playing surface and building architecture. These are provided in a full 3 part system.

The ISONOE Isolation feet is part 1, this absorbs the most of the sonic vibrations & harmonics.

ISONOE ISOLATION BOOTs are part 2, are made of Sorbothane Rubber. They are a soft and mailable rubber that adds another layer of isolation. They improve the harmonic absorption of harmonics and knocks around a stage & in a home enviroment.

The Glass DISC Insert is part 3.  For true audiophonic isolation, all 3 components are recommended. They create a hard none transmissive surface for the isolation feet to make contact with, perfectly fitting within the Isolation Boot.

This complete solution gives you the most audio phonic solution – but generally with live outdoor environments the glass plate insert isn’t an option.

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