Included in Hire:

  • Road Ready Single Case
  • IEC Power Lead
  • Cat 5 LAN Link Cable
  • RCA Cable

525 x 385 x 225mm

Weight (inc case)

13 kg

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 Hire Melbourne

Here at SWS, we hire out the largest cluster of Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2 in Melbourne. Ideal for large events and festival riders, we hire in bulk and prep road ready for your gig. All equipment is packaged with IEC lead (Power Cable), CAT 5 (LAN link cable) and RCA leads (Audio cable) and kept up to date with current firmware. All our DJ equipment is maintained with high quality standards, ensuring that your gig will be a successful one. Let us know if you require any extra accessories to add to your hire. We stock a range of network switching hubs, desk lighting, digital cables and extra long cable options for creative equipment setups.

The Pioneer CDJ2000 NEXUS 2 is the industry standard digital media player and has been a staple for the last couple of years and most popular on the Melbourne event circuit. Inheriting all the best features from its previous model CDJ-2000 Nexus, taking a giant leap forward with a multicolour touch screen with a Qwerty keyboard and search filters to help you select tracks faster.

Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2 Features

For the best possible club sound, Pioneer have added a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and improved the digital signal processing (DSP) and Digital Out. Analogue noise is reduced to a minimum by a high-performance 32-bit D/A converter and separate analogue power supply. Crisp high-resolution audio is supported for FLAC, Apple Lossless Audio (ALAC), as well as MP3, WAV, AAC, and AIFF. The 7-inch, full-colour touch screen gives you instinctive control of your favourite features. It displays all the info you need, including Wave Zoom, Needle Countdown, Phase Meter and more. Keyword Search and Track Filter mode help you browse and select your tracks faster for an effortless performance. Add cue points in rekordbox and customise their colours. 2 banks of 4 colour-illuminated Hot Cues put instant playback of pre-set cue points at your fingertips. The Quantise function snaps cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid for a reliable performance every time. Pro DJ Link lets you connect up to 4 players and laptops running Recordbox via a simple LAN connection. Combine this with rekordbox and get your hands on enhanced performance features and track info, such as Beat Sync, Beat Countdown, Beat Jump and Phase Meter. Fully compatible with Pioneer’s free rekordbox™ music management software to help you manage your music, prepare tracks and deliver a smooth performance. You can use this product to control rekordbox dj performance software. Rekordbox DJ is a rekordbox Plus Pack that unleashes performance features including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Colour FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump and Pad FX. The shortcut button on the nexus units give you direct access to Browse mode and My Settings on the player’s touch display. Simply tap the new, three-position lever to engage Slip Reverse, Forward, and Reverse. Set, name and add colour-code your cues in rekordbox, for example ‘my breakdown’, then access the information directly on the player’s screen. Take your preferred settings with you wherever you play, Save your settings and tracks to USB, SD card, smartphone or tablet, connect to the hardware, and your settings load instantly along with your tracks. Use Quantized Beat Jump to jump 1 beat backwards or forwards from the current playback position.

Setup Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2

To set up your CDJ players you will need a DJ mixer to output the sound to a speaker. (For extra performance features choose a DDJ-1000.) See below diagram on how to set up your CDJ cables. On a basic level you would assemble 2 x CDJ 2000 nexus 2 either side of a mixer, however depending on the artist, this may be in a whole range of configurations and quantities. The basic setup (2 x cdjs and a mixer) will fit comfortably on a 1200×600 DJ Table, for setups larger (4 x CDJs and a mixer) we recommend using a 2400×600 DJ Table. Other ideas for your equipment hire setup may include a laptop stand, a power board with spare socket for the DJ to charge their phone (trust us), some small desk lighting as well as a side table for the DJ to put their beer, which is away from the DJ gear!

Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 Setup Diagram

Please see user manual here for further information.

As we recover from 2020 and move on into the future we are making way for its new big sister the Pioneer CDJ 3000 to rival the Denon DJ players. Search for it on our DJ equipment hire page.

Remember to choose SWS for your DJ equipment when you need to arrange your next Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS 2 hire Melbourne.

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