Included in Hire:

  • Road Ready Single Case
  • Isonoe Isolation Feet
  • SWS Custom Slip Mat
  • SHURE MH44-7 Headshell & Stylus

Optional Accessories Include:

  • Standard Turntable Feet
  • SHURE / ORTOFON / STANTON Headshell & Stylus
  • Butter Rug Slip Mat
  • LUKE ABS-1 Absorber
  • ISONOE Sorbothane Boots

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

Technics SL1210mk5 Hire Melbourne

SWS have a wide selection of Technics turntables for hire in Melbourne. Our extensive collection is perfect for festival riders and large event runs. Our technics SL1200 and SL1210 turntables are packed in truck pack ready in single “Road Ready” single cases. These units are generally used in high demand and high specification situations where your artists really wants the top of the line. To keep with the professional demand on this product, as standard load the headshells with SHURE MH44-7 Stylus. But additionally, we also include all the necessary components like a slip mat and as standard our units come installed with and recommend Isonoe Isolation Feet (Iso Feet) which provide additional protection against any unwanted bounce and vibration so you never skip a beat. If you or your artists require specific ORTOFON or STANTON headshells / stylus please let us know when you make your booking as these can be exchanged in the package. To safeguard from even more environmental bangs and harmonic interference, we also hire out the ISONOE Isolation boot made of Sorbothane rubber, and the Luke ABS-1 absorber’s which are specifically designed for turntables and players in mind.

Feel free to reach out to SWS for your next Technics Turntable hire. With years of industry experience, SWS will have the equipment that you need.

Technics SL 1210 mk5 Turntable Features

The Technics SL 1210 Mk5G turntable has redefined DJing like no other. From its early inception and younger brothers the SL1200 / SL1210 Mk2 they have always been the goto Turntable for spinning & scratching the wax with all the favourite beats & tunes. Been the staple in everyones tool kit, most definitely the hardest working of all products over time, it has been designed with performance in mind and has improved its durability and legendary status. The upgraded digital circuitry, click-less centre pitch fader and now with a “zero” reset button. With the same matte black finish it has just added to the series nicely. It has still keep its heritage shape and styling with the same castings and dampened solid rubber inserts and is built to last with very little maintenance due to minimal moving contact parts and precise control circuitry. No other brands really compares to the Technics SL 1210 mk5 turntable, it has the same high torque direct drive motor (magnetically driven) from previous models and now a resettable pitch control with the click-less centre position allows for perfect positioning and reproduction of unaltered sound at any tempo.

Technics SL1210 mk5 Setup

When it comes to getting sound from your Technics SL 1210 mk 5 turntable, you just need to attached the analogue signal from the RCA leads into a good quality pre:amp converting to line level signal. Although some purists prefer an external tube pre:amp for the genuine warmth, a nice anolgue DJ mixer is the most common way to do this, as most of them generally have these phono pre:amps on some of their inputs. This then goes to the output stage of the DJ Mixer, and outputs your audio to your power amplifier and sound system. Some DJs will bring their own components and favourite accessories to the gig, however on a base level it is ideal to make sure that there is a slip mat on the platter and a headshell mounted on the tone arm ready to go. It is also important to make sure that the stylus/needle is aligned correctly on the head shell for the style of playing and that there is no sign of damage. If you need to remove the head shell from the turntable, please keep in a safe place where the stylus can not be damaged. For best sound, it is recommended that you use a solid and dense sturdy table. Some setups require slabs of concrete to be placed on the table to add further weight to the table surface, however we have moved on in the world now, and for extra bouncy performances and extra vibration isolation we have the Luke ASB-1 Absorbers available for hire. From here the Djs will have their own personal settings for the tonearm height, tonearm weight, and anti-skating. Please make sure that you return all accessories with the hire back to us, as fees will incur if any items are missing or damaged further than standard wear and tear by malice or misuse.

Get in touch with SWS for all your DJ Turntable hire requirements in Melbourne. Search our category page to see out full list of equipment available or send us a quote request and we would be happy to help you out. Industry discounts apply.

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