Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16

Included in Hire:

  • Pelican Single Case
  • TRS-TRS ( 1/4″ Jack ) Insert Loom (set of 4)
  • IEC Power Lead
  • External PSU


* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

The TORAIZ SP-16 sampler and step sequencer is the first in the line-up of music production tools for DJs and producers by PIONEER DJ.Partnering up with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analogue filters, allowing you to give your creations a rich, analogue warmth and presence.

Use the TORAIZ SP-16’s simple layout and large touch screen for producing, or use it as a standalone unit in the DJ booth to enhance performances. Just load samples, create patterns, add FX, loops, and manipulate their parameters to make your music your own.

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