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These units need no introduction….For any DJ Duo, the Q2 is the device you want and must have. Having the ability to individual have your own cues and pre mixes is essential to yield the highest level of creativity from any DJ set. We have plenty of stock of these units :- hire or sales… drop us a line.

The Q2 Dual DJ is a revolutionary new headphone monitoring device, designed to give dual DJ acts an extra set of headphone cues. Received a 5* DJ Mag Tech review and was nominated for a Best DJ Tool award in the DJ MAG 2008 Tech Awards. The Q2 Dual DJ is an essential piece of equipment for multiple DJ acts. The product was used by James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli for their OneplusOne tour in 2007 and is currently being used by a host of top international DJs including the Plump DJs, Above & Beyond & MYNC Project.

The Q2 Dual DJ is a revolutionary piece of DJ technology that allows 2 DJs to work alongside each other with ease, and without interfering with each others monitoring signal. A very simple connection, facilitated by labelled cables, allows both DJs to hear multiple sources at once, so both can cue any deck at any point in a set, without disturbing each other. The unit itself connects to each of your decks and then the DJ mixer with no interference in the signal. It has a headphone output, so you can hear the inputs and each input channel has it’s own level control, so you can pick and choose what you hear through the headphones thus allowing straightforward monitoring of all your signals, decks or audio sources. One DJ uses the mixer’s monitoring system as normal and the other uses the Q2 to prepare their mix.