E&S DJR 400

Included in Hire:

  • Single Hard Case
  • E&S External PSU

280 x 210 x 70 mm


3 Kg

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

E&S DJR 400 Hire Melbourne

SWS is your premium DJ gear equipment hire company in Melbourne. We specialise in specialty rotary mixer products, including the e&S djr 400. Made in France, this popular mixer is classic in design, including 4 quality lines with a very powerful integrated cross over.

DJR400 is a very new concept of “travel” mixer from the team at Electronique Spectacle in Paris. This portable rotary mixer measures 280mm x 210mm x 70mm in dimension, weighing only 3kg so you can travel it anywhere.

Conveniently, you don’t have to « rack » the djr 400 mixer or do a long soundcheck, you can simply plug from your system into the back connections and play. Similar to the DJR100D, it includes all the specifications of the in a 4 lines portable mixer. Control the room’s system with the very powerful integrated cross over.

DJR400 Portable Mixer

“Jerôme Barbé” (Parisian electronic engineer of E&S), can be largely accredited to the be interest around the dj rotary mixers of today. The DJR400 portable mixer was originally commissioned by DJ Deep to repair his vintage UREI mixer. Barbé took on board the creative input and developed a new mixer from scratch, updating the classic rotary mixer sound for modern use. A few design iterations later, the DJR400 mixer is the flagship model in E&S’s small range. With a relatively simplistic approach, the DJR400 mixer is crafted with four-channel’s, a built-in isolator and effects loops that do everything most DJs need. Most importantly, the djr 400 mixer sounds amazing!

DJR 400 Mixer Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 280mm x 210mm x 70mm
– bandwidth – 1db : 10
– 25 000 Hz
– switchable inputs 1 & 3: phono/line
– input 2 : phono
– input 4 : line
– integrated crossover isolator (10 – 300 Hz / 300 – 3000 Hz / 3000
– 25000 HZ) – master and booth : RCA and XLR balanced
– output level (XLR) up to +22 dBm
– effect loop on master and booth output
– PFL : pushbutton mixable monitor to phones
– external power suply -ALPS potentiometer
– total weight : 2,8 Kg option : send effect on each channel (view wood model)

SWS DJ Rotary Mixer Products

At SWS, all of our rotary mixer ‘s are packed in road ready cases, with all relevant cables, suitable for touring. Our dj equipment is maintained at high standards and tested regularly.

Another popular range of portable rotary mixer equipment (that we stock) is the Condesa Lucia and the Condesa Carmen V. The Condesa brand is Australia’s latest rival product and produces an output that is of strong comparison in quality to the djr 400 mixer.

Contact us with your tour details to arrange a quote for hiring the e&S djr 400 mixer in Melbourne.

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