MODEL 1 – Play Differently

Included in Hire:

  • Road Ready Single Case
  • 2x IEC Power Lead
  • 2x External PSU
  • (note : 1x PSU is active redundant)

525 x 385 x 225 mm

Weight (inc case)

14 kg

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

Model 1 Mixer Hire Melbourne

South West Solutions stock the professional new Model 1 mixer, available for hire and rent in Melbourne. The model1 mixer has been engineered by Andy Rogby-Jones and co-designed by the legendary Richie Hawtin. Thoroughly tested and refined, this perfectly crafted mixer is popular with artists worldwide in club and live electronic music events across the globe. That being said, the PLAY-differently: Model1 mixer is in high demand when the international DJs come to Australia for club and festival shows alike, and SWS is the place to call for your rentals.

At SWS we maintain our Model1 DJ mixers in perfect condition and packed performance ready in a hard flight case including 2 IEC power leads and External PSU cables. As a professional service we supply 2 power supply units with every hire -as these mixers can utilise an active reductant Power Supply Unit with automatic fail over just in case one fails. Although we have never heard of any failing in the field during a performance, it is just another way to take the extra precautions to keep that club dance floor rocking and in the rhythm. This is a very unique and and specific feature to this extraordinary mixer.

Richie Hawtin on the Model1 Mixer

Model1 Mixer Set Up

The setup of the Model1 mixer can really vary depending on the artist. We would recommend consulting their rider so you know where to start. It is common for production managers to share the artist dj equipment rider with us and we can consult you on the best path forward. To see all the combinations for connecting your Model 1 mixer, I recommend checking out the user manual here Model-1 mixer user manual for full specifications and more information.

Model1 Mixer Hire

Here at SWS, we offer a premium range of DJ equipment rental services for international artist riders. We stock the Model1 mixer in bulk, which is handy when you have multiple acts playing across your event site and need to use at the same time. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for your next club or festival event. We are located close to Melbourne CBD city and even offer a delivery service.

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