RANE MP & XP 2016

Included in Hire:

  • Road Ready Single Case
  • 2x RANE External PSU
  • RANE MP – XP LINK Cable

545 x 335 x 220 mm

Weight (inc case)

13 kg

* Warehouse Hire Location: Melbourne, Australia

RANE MP & XP 2016 is for those of us who like it round…. like a record baby! Originally only the rotary mixer, later added with the XP 2016 EQ & X-fader “expansion” module…. a must have for the smooth ol’ disco sounds…with typical RANE sound & build quality – why would you use any other??

The RANE MP 2016 & XP 2016 was originally designed to fill the rotary mixer void created by the late great Bozak mixer series and the discontinuation of the Urei 1620 in 1993. Just like Urei mixer before it.

The RANE MP 2016 & XP 2016 is a classic styled rotary mixer featuring six stereo Input Channels with Booth and House Outputs.

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