Included in Hire:

  • Pelican Hard Case 1550 – w/ Custom Cut Insert
  • External PSU & IEC Power Lead

Additional information


524 x 428 x 206 mm

Weight (inc case)

9 kg

The Carmen V brings the Carmen EQ/ISO and Lucia models together with an improved 3 way EQ per channel (+/- 12db cut/boost on low, mids & high), 3 switchable phono/line inputs as well as a discrete 4 pole isolator as standard.

Stereo inputs
Channel 1 has a line RCA input
Channels 2, 3 & 4 have selectable stereo RCA inputs – Phono (A)/Line(B)

Stereo Master (unbalanced RCA and transformer balanced XLR outputs)
Stereo Booth (Transformer balanced TRS)
Stereo Record (RCA unbalanced, fixed level)

Three way equaliser per channel
High +/- 12db @ 12khz
Mid +/- 16dB @ 1kHz
Low +/- 12db @ 120Hz

Discrete circuit
4 pole
3 way master isolator – boost 12db, cut to infinity
10 – 280Hz (low), 280Hz -4kHz (mids), 4kHz – 20kHz (high)
True bypass switch

FX loop (pre master)
Unbalanced RCA stereo send – loop out
Unbalanced RCA stereo return – loop in
~ loop becomes a send/return path with the optional FX per channel modification

Cueing system
Direct stereo cueing of any channel
Cue to master blend pot to check the mix and monitor out

Stereo VU meters, master output, post volume (0vu = 0dbu)

48v DC external power supply 100v-240v AC input
Optional – Linear power supply with mains selection switch, 110-240v